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The Room


Virginija Vilkelyte, Medical Student

Just another day as a shadow,
walking quickly, trying to keep up,
rushing through the grey halls of the hospital.
He puts his hands on the stethoscope around his neck
and tightens his grip.
‘This isn't going to be good’ He said.
The blue curtain is opened in one swift motion,
and there she was, in the room.
In pain, struggling to breathe, white as a sheet.
Six other bodies were in the room,
felt like six too many, I already feel out of place,
my shadow is taking up too much space,
sucking too much air out of the room.
He calls for more people,
more stethoscopes and machines enter the room.
A lump is found in her heart.
‘This isn't good’ He repeats,
Only 24 and she was being told life-changing news.
He asks me to take her blood,
the thought of causing her more pain,
as minimal as it may be, made me feel uneasy.
I pierce her skin with the needle,
I miss the vein.
‘Sorry, I don’t think..’
‘Really?’ He says.
How could I not do this right,
I don't know what to say or where to stand,
I felt like I didn't deserve to be in the room.

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