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Olivia Davies, Medical Student


Hannah Berry

“Needlestick”, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, is the 2nd graphic medicine essay created within a partnership between Luna Dolezal PhD (Exeter), Will Bynum MD (Duke), and Charlotte Wu MD (Harness Health Global). For this essay, we collaborated with Olivia Davies MD (Mass General) and illustrator Hannah Berry (UK Comic Laureate). Olivia is a US-based dermatology resident whose shame experience, depicted in the essay below, occurred during medical school. Stay tuned for a discussion guide to complement the essay (coming soon).

Posted below is the 4-panel version of “Needlestick” adapted from the 3-panel version published in NEJM, which can be accessed here.


We would like to acknowledge Dr. Hillary Newsome, the resident depicted in this story who showed empathy, leadership, and kindness in helping Olivia recover.

This graphic medicine project has been funded by the Exeter-Duke Collaboration Fund (2020-2021) and an Enhanced Research Award from the Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health (2021), University of Exeter.

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